Social responsibility

Social responsibility: Why social issues matter to Oncopeptides. 

Oncopeptides takes its role and responsibilities in society very seriously. We strive to have positive impacts wherever we are present – in the local communities where we conduct sales, research, and manufacturing, with our employees, suppliers, and all other stakeholders. Our overall approach is centered on wellbeing for all, and aligns with the UN’s Agenda 2030, and Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3, to “ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages”. 

We understand the importance of having a deeply rooted culture in our working environment – one that is flexible and open-minded with a focus on international collaboration. It is also vital that we offer attractive career opportunities. Our ability to attract and retain world-class talent remains of the utmost importance. The importance we attach to this aspect of our operations is reflected in the fact that we continually have a low degree of staff turnover.

We believe that diversity, inclusivity, and equality are key factors that determine a stimulating work environment as well as the success of our business. We operate in a global environment, with customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders come from a wide variety of backgrounds. The company has a diverse workforce in terms of nationalities, backgrounds, and age range. We also have a good gender balance between women and men in the organization. 

The allocation of employee stock options is made in addition to current industry-standard remuneration. Stock option allocation to co-workers are made annually and are decided by the Board of Directors.

2020: growing and caring
Despite the pandemic, Oncopeptides continued to grow in 2020 – and rapidly, registering its fastest rate of growth in terms of employee numbers on record, to 280 co-workers. We are now 136 in Sweden and 144 in the US. 

Substantive steps were taken on establishing and formalizing our core corporate values, based on an employee survey that was sent to all employees and workshops that involved everyone in the company to capture the views and preferences from cross-functional and mixed globally. The results from these initiatives were collected by a project group that worked out an engagement platform that includes five of our core values. 

In the run-up to Christmas, our entire US organization came together to donate gifts and money to children in need through local organisations close to our sites in California and Massachusetts and we received a fantastic response from everybody. For Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month, we were closely involved in the Miles for Myeloma 5K Run/Walk run. 

Covid response
Naturally, the Covid-19 pandemic complicated our recruitment drive in Sweden and the US. However, through extensive use of digital technologies, we were able to fill all the positions we needed to during the year. The pandemic also required us to support our existing workforce. We took steps to ensure that employees received the support that they needed during this time through, for example, flexible working and financial support for physical and mental wellbeing. Even before the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, ergonomist and stress coach lectures were offered. We also conducted a survey among employees specifically about Covid-19 and its effects on the working environment and routines.

Looking ahead
For 2021 and beyond, we will continue to focus on attracting the right talent from diverse national and professional backgrounds to ensure our continued success as a global pharmaceutical company. 

In line with SDG 3, the wellbeing of our employees, patients, medical professionals, suppliers, and all stakeholders will remain the defining feature of our social responsibility efforts. In terms of Covid-19 more specifically, we will continue to focus on helping the working environment and supporting employees at what remains a challenging period with for example ergonomist and stress coach lectures. 

We will continue to review our social sustainability policies, expand work on our core values, further develop our routines in terms of training and documentation, as well as expand the range of key performance indicators we apply in this area to enable us to better benchmark our performance with other companies. 

Goal 3: Good health and well-being
Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.